Stop the Viruses

You can prevent your computer data and resources from viruses, if you follow the given tips and tricks.

1. Never open unknown e-mail messages, and always scan first all email before downloading even if you know the sender of the message.

2. You should minimize the data transfer between computers through use of USB drives and MP3 player, if it is necessary then always scan first before open it.

3. While using the Internet, avoid downloading free ware software without first checking it for virus. Normally the key generator sites are the main source of virus.

4. Always use antivirus program with latest version, to detect and remove viruses from your system. You should update antivirus program periodically, because older versions of antivirus may not remove the new viruses.

5. Always keep backup your important data, because your can restore your data using backup if a virus deletes your data or modifies it.

Good Luck !!

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